Clojure/core Team Update 2

Posted by on Sep 30, 2010

Welcome to the second Clojure/core team update, and to the new Clojure/core blog! In these updates you will find:

  • Community Updates: Clojure/core team members out and about in the community
  • Project updates: summaries of recent work on Clojure and related projects that we support
  • New developments: other new things we are working on, that haven't quite reached the status of supported project

To see the first update, check out the post on Google Groups.

Community Updates

  • The core team has been spending most of its Friday time planning the conj. There are still tickets available for the (first clojure-conj), held October 22-23 in Durham, North Carolina. We are going to have a great lineup of speakers, plenty of hacking, and some surprises we are sure the Clojure community will love.
  • Rich and Stu are speaking at JAOO this week (October 3-8). Topics include Introduction to Clojure, Modeling Process, and Protocols.
  • Aaron gave a Clojure tutorial at the Commercial Users of Functional Programming (CUFP) conference.

Project Updates


  • Clojure 1.3 alpha 1 is now available, with the following changes:
    • enhanced primitive support (
    • better exception reporting
    • ancillary namespaces no longer auto-load on startup: clojure.set, clojure.xml,


  • Clojure Contrib now has a modular build, so you can pick and choose only the modules you want.

New Developments

  • Mycroft is an inspector for Clojure/code and data. We would love to see a leaner/meaner version of the ideas in Mycroft become a part of Clojure someday. Take it out for a test drive.
  • Lazytest 1.0.0 Beta is now available.
  • Labrepl has had a series of updates and fixes to ensure compatibility with Clojure 1.3 alpha.

Happy Clojuring!

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