All Clojure-Conj Videos Available

Posted by on Mar 23, 2011

All of the scheduled talks that we were able to produce are now available. They're accessible from Clojure's page, but we thought to post them here so that we could link to slides, if available:

Scheduled Talk Videos

Hammock-driven Development Rich Hickey

Fertile Ground: The Roots of Clojure Michael Fogus

Clojure Zippers _Luke VanderHart _

(not= DSL macros) Christophe Grand

Lisp, Functional Programming, and the State of Flow Tom Faulhaber

Protocol XIII: Clojure Protocols Explained Sean Devlin

Finger Trees: Custom Persistent Collections Chris Houser

Making Leiningen Work for You Phil Hagelberg

State of Counterclockwise: Past, Present and Future Laurent Petit

One Ring to Bind Them Mark McGranaghan

From Concurrency to Parallelism David Liebke

Simplicity Ain't Easy Stuart Halloway

Lightning Talks

Additionally, the following two lightning talks are available:

Tree Editing with Zippers Alex Miller

Aleph: A Framework for Asynchronous Communication Zach Tellman

Talks Without Videos

There were a few talks that we weren't able to release because of technical problems with our recording equipment. To those speakers: our apologies! The titles, speakers, and slides for those talks are:

Continuous Deployoment of Clojure Web Applications Chas Emerick

Macro Club Stuart Sierra

Thank you once more to all of the speakers and attendees. It was a fantastic event. Now that the videos are a wrap, we're going to focus on the next Conj. We hope to see you all there!

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