Introducing ClojureScript One

Posted by on Jan 11, 2012

Here at Relevance, we spent some time recently looking at the ClojureScript experience. We were specifically concerned with finding the pain points in ClojureScript development. To make the experience as real as possible, we chose to rewrite a client application which had been written in CoffeeScript.

We discovered that there are a lot of barriers to getting started, mainly due to the number of unknowns that are always associated with using a new technology. How should the code be organized? How should the application itself be organized? How do the developers work with the design team? How can the application be tested? What is the best workflow? What is the best way to deal with dependencies?

Ultimately, we found that although there are problems, good solutions to all of them exist. I approached Relevance with the idea of doing something to capture these ideas in a way that would benefit the community and help others climb the same learning curve. That idea grew into ClojureScript One.

Introducing ClojureScript One

ClojureScript One is a helpful resource for getting started with ClojureScript. It is not a library or a framework. It is an example with lots of documentation. We hope that by looking through this example and reading the documentation we can remove the barriers that are stopping you from experiencing how much fun ClojureScript development can be. Once you have this experience, we think you will be hooked.

You can find ClojureScript One on the web at

Where you begin has a huge effect on where you end. We hope that this project will help you to spend some time thinking about how to begin. If the project succeeds, it will continue to be the place to go to get guidance on how to start working with ClojureScript.

I would like to thank Relevance for allowing me and other Relevance employees to work on this project and for allowing us to release it as open source.

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