More Conj 2011 Videos Available

Posted by on Feb 06, 2012

Six more videos from Clojure Conj 2011 are now available, including four scheduled talks and two UnConj recordings.

Both 2010 and 2011 Clojure Conj recordings are available at Clojure's page and are also directly accessible via the links below.

We will continue to release Conj 2011 talks as they become available.

Scheduled Talk Videos

Striving to Make Things Simple and Fast Phil Bagwell

Introduction to Logic Programming with Clojure Ambrose Bonnaire-Sergeant

Hacking the Human Genome Using Clojure and Similarity Search Arnoldo Jose Muller-Molina

Ousterhout's Dichotomy Isn't (Part 2 of the Simplicity/Power/Focus Series) Stuart Halloway

UnConj Recordings

miniKanren Dan Friedman and William Byrd

Lightning Talks Alex Redington (Monotony), Jim Crossley (Immutant), Alan Dipert and Jon Distad (Uberlisp), Chris Granger (Korma)

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